Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TECH KNIGHTS revisited

I found an old journal that had excerpts from TECH KNIGHTS by a fellow creative writing student circa 2000 who submitted a lengthy section of his time traveling medieval slaughter novel to our writing workshop. We then had to read it and give him feedback. I wrote down brief sections which at the time made me laugh aloud.

I don't mean to plagerize. I checked, amazingly it hasn't been published, even on the internet. Which is really weird because I sat next to a guy on a bus who was reading a book with a chapter called "Dragons! Dragons! and More Dragons!"

The excerpts give you a good idea of the chapter. It begins with the hero suddenly aware that he is on a clearing somewhere in the middles ages. It is a semi-wooded area and very dark, as I remember, because things keep jumping out of nowhere. It's not a terribly friendly time or place, because things keep attacking him.


The hero is said to be "...feigning death and thinking corpse-like thoughts"

then he gets hurt and

"He actually thought would have thought he was dead... if not for the pain!"


"Something was out there behind him and to his right, possibly stalking him."


"It was cat-and-mouse time..."


"...They [his attackers] were at a disadvantage against someone who could see clearly in the dark. Their loss."

& ultimately one anonymous villain...

"He got a shuriken between the eyes for his efforts."

That was about it, we had to read the next chapter to find out what happens after he kills everything.