Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fighting Foo: On the Cat Napper's Tail, a young adult choose your own adventure (draft)

Chief Kirby arrived at Central Memorial High School a few minutes after the dispatcher had told him there was trouble. The big game against Union was coming up on Thursday. As a regular big-game attendee, the Chief knew any trouble could be serious. Officer Ryan was already on the scene.

"Well, what do we have here, Ryan?" Kirby asked.

"Well, it's incredible, chief," a flustered Officer Ryan explained. "Cat napping! The worst I've ever seen. Somebody has stolen the Fighting Foo, the prized high school mas-cat. And the big game against Union is this Thursday!"

"Unbelievable! That can only mean one thing..."


  • If you want Chief Kirby to continue with his EXPLANATION about the Ninjas, turn to page 68 or click here.
  • If you would like a lone NINJA, who had been hiding under the bleachers waiting to ambush the police chief, to attack, turn to page 86 or click here.
  • If you would like Chief Kirby to complain about searing GAS PAINS and offer a candid index of his intestinal discomfort and other recent personal medical history, turn to pages 14-55 or click here.