Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mappin' USA

As I was on the phone with my mother discussing my important research this evening, she asked where Alabama was in relation to Tennessee. As I visualized the Southern US and Florida seemed bigger in my mind that reality (masculinity trouble). I figured I'd better double-check. So, I googled MAP OF USA and came up with this handy reference tool--the very first result!

My mum laughed when I told her.

I had heard something about Google... and China... and about that being a problem, but I didn't believe it. (At least they look like Chinese characters to me, I recognize a few, I think, but I'll need my favourite expert on the subject to confirm it.)


Further, Kenny just told me, "Well, there are fifty fuckin' states, Gareth!"
Indeed there are.
Wise boy that Kenneth. Wise!