Monday, April 30, 2007

wireless technology for loose wires




With the bluetooth and the headset and the affordable calling plans, it seems that cellphones have obliterated the stigma against talking crazy in public. As I write this at a university computer lounge, there's a girl a few computers down angrily cursing the asses and holes responsible for some gravely unforgivable something that she's got going on in her head. But on account of the cellphone, I can't tell whether or not there's an actual person on the receiving end of the tirade. YET, Lady Dice Clay's tirade continues unabated. She also types loud, which is poor computer lounge etiquette.

I, for one, welcome the liberation that comes with the blurring of the line between sanity and insanity, which cellphones have brought about.

I heard a guy walking on Ste Catherine telling anyone he met,

You see Satan wants you not to believe in him. That's the source of His
dark power...

Now, this would have sounded crazy under normal circumstances, but the whole cellphone thing--their very existence--gave me cause for pause.

I first knew these telephonamajigger things would be a problem back in 1996 when I walked in a men's room and heard a man's voice from one of the stalls telling someone (probably named Jack or John),
Jack? You'll never guess where I'm calling you from....

But not ten years later I watched a man at a Costco walk right into a men's room, use the urinal and wash his hands, all without interrupting what was an altogether trivial conversation on his phone.

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